Donor Stories

Our Generous Donors are Making a Difference

Fran and Roger Field

Unity in Community

Fran and Roger Field moved to Johanna Shores, the PHS community in Arden Hills, Minnesota in 2012. They were living in Rochester, Minnesota at the time and knew they wanted to move closer to one of their children—and be surrounded by nature. Johanna Shores fit the bill. Read more

Carolyn and Bob Cuthill

Friendships Matter

“Friendships matter at our age,” smiles Carolyn Cuthill. She continues, “We’re fortunate to call Waverly Gardens our home.” Carolyn and her husband, Bob, celebrated their three-year anniversary of living in Waverly Gardens’ Mews neighborhood this past August. Read more

Gloria Lund and Luther Fjelstad

Living to 100

Gloria Lund has quilts to sew. For family and friends. And for veterans and children she’ll likely never meet. Almost daily, she lovingly pieces together her colorful designs in her sewing room or with her friends in Stonecrest’s Activity Room—or as it’s more commonly known, the “Sewing Room.” Read more